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In the company of Dotari Restaurante, tablecloths for restaurants can be ordered on individual sizes or buy finished products from a warehouse in Bucharest. Our consultants will help you to choose the right table linen, the most functional and appropriate to the design of your room. In classical interiors, the tablecloth is usually covered with a naperon, which performs aesthetic and hygienic functions and greatly simplifies the cleaning of the table, for each new guest the new naperon is covered. The design of the restaurant and the shape of the table determine the shape and length of the tablecloth, the tablecloth is the main element of the table setting for the restaurant. In addition to the design of the room and the aesthetic side, tablecloths in restaurants play the role of a noise absorber from dishes and cutlery, muffling the sounds of wine glasses, glasses pounding on the plates of forks,
Tablecloth fabrics are primarily designed for the manufacture of such products as tablecloths and napkins for restaurants. These same fabrics can be used for cocktail skirts and covers for chairs. In the range of fabrics made of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics produced in Italy and the United click here States. The collection includes various fabrics in structure: satin, linen and with jacquard pattern, suitable in style to any interior from modern to classic. The width of fabrics is from 180 to 380 cm, which makes it possible to produce wide seamless tablecloths. Most of the fabrics are in stock in Moscow, and this gives us the opportunity to produce textiles for restaurants in the shortest time, to provide promptly any ceremonial event, banquet, wedding, opening or re-equipment of the restaurant.

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